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IX Service : Additional Services (Paid) Global IX Connection

This is the service for customers who use IX port in Japan to peer with IX users in other countries.
  • Customers can outsource international least line, local leased line, local data center, house cable in local data center, to JPIX.
  • It makes customers omit the workload of ordering them, let local players interconnect, let them detect failure point, let them recover the failure, and so on.
  • All services are supported in Japanese. Japanese law and Japanese courts apply to this service. Payment is in Japanese yen with no exchange risk.
  • The overseas IXs we are connected to are as below.

    Hong Kong : HKIX
    South Korea : KINX
    London : LINX
    Los Angeles : Any2Exchange®
    Los Angeles : NYIIX Los Angels

Outage Information:

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