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Connecting a brighter future. Arelion is a leading light in global connectivity and we've been keeping the world connected for nearly three decades.

KDDI America

KDDI America is the US subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company and communications carrier with a proven track record in Japan and a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. KDDI America provides a wide range of high-quality Services such as Communications, Data Centers and Solution Services throughout the world.


Established in 1996 and founded by TELEHOUSE America (a KDDI Group Company), the NYIIX Peering Exchange is one of the largest neutral Internet exchange points in the world. Today, NYIIX peering powered by TELEHOUSE America delivers interconnection points in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles with over 200 member networks connected and peering with more than 1.2 Tbps in peak traffic.

PCCW Global(Console Connect)

Connect your digital ecosystem securely and on your own terms. Using one of the world’s leading Network-as-a-Service platforms.

Telehouse America

Telehouse (a KDDI Group company) provides colocation at over 45 sites in 10+ countries/territories including secure locations in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Shanghai as well as more recently developing areas such as Bangkok and Hanoi.

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