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ABOUT JPIX Health & Productivity Management

JPIX as a Health & Productivity Management Company

Employee well-being matters, as well as presenteeism.
Presenteeism, an increasingly common issue that affects all types of workplace, is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the loss of work performance due to health problems.
One of the most common examples of presenteeism is attending work despite being sick while resulting in decreasing productivity and efficiency.

Needless to say, the economic loss to companies and countries due to such presenteeism is immeasurable.

In the past years in Japan, employees were responsible for their own health and employers simply needed to fulfill minimum legal obligations such as providing health checkup opportunities.
However, in today's economy, such old approaches are no longer enough.
The new standard of employees' health promotion is established, and I believe the employer's proactive investment and management are essential for the sustainable company growth.

Since February 2019, JPIX has been annually certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2019 (SME Category) by the NIPPON KENKO KAIGI.
We will accomplish health and productivity management by creating healthy workplace culture, motivating long-time employees and achieving sustainable business growth.
I hope this fundamental measure of our health and productivity awareness will be valued to earn stakeholder trust.

Akihiro Tsuru, President


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