Servicing and Pricing
Servicing and Pricing
Our Services and Pricing
IX Port Service
We offer the following services.
  • IX Port Service
    100Gigabit Ethernet (100Gbps)※Interface:100GBase-LR4
    10Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbps)※Interface:10GBase-LR
    Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps)※Interface:1000Base-SX / 1000Base-LX
We will assign an IP address to the IX facing interface on your router.
Please contact us for service details and pricing.
Additional Services (Free)
These services are offered for free to customers using our IX Port service.
  • Route Exchange Service Customers are automatically peered with other customers using this service without having to negotiate a peering agreement.
  • Traffic Viewer Shows the amount of traffic passing through each IX port between peered customers.
  • NTP service Enables use of Stratum 1 time information, which is used by CDMA cellular base stations as a time source, through the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
  • Customer’s Portal Site The Portal Site allows access to such information as:
    ・Up-to-date peering contact lists
    ・Documentation for JPIX services
    ・Customer traffic graphs
    ・Customer routing check results
Additional Services (Paid)
  • Colocation Service Our Colocation Service is provided at the KDDI Otemachi Building.
    Power capacities of AC100V/AC200V/DC48V are available. Please contact us ahead of time so that we can confirm availability of equipment at the facility that meets your power requirements.
  • In-house Cable Service This service is only available at the KDDI Otemachi Building to customers using the above Colocation Service.
    In-house cabling is duplex (two-strand) optical fiber (SMF/MMF).