Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. (JPIX) was established in July 1997 for the purpose of realizing smooth traffic exchange through connections between Internet service providers (ISP) on an equal footing, in cooperation with many ISPs. We launched our Internet exchange (IX) service in Otemachi, Tokyo in November, 1997, and ever since we have been providing an environment for traffic exchanges to many operators from a neutral standpoint.

IX, which is an environment where connections are established between operators that are involved with Internet services, plays an important role in terms of a smooth exchange of Internet traffic. Born as Japan’s first commercial IX service, JPIX has since grown steadily, thanks to support from many people, to become one of the largest IX services in terms of client numbers, forming a core part of Japan’s Internet backbone with its high quality service. There are numerous operators in both Japan and overseas that establish connections with us to provide their services.

In addition to the function of providing an environment for traffic exchange, IX has another important role: helping operators and their associated parties, which are connected to each other, form a community. To that end, we have continued to make contributions to the communities, in cooperation with those who are involved. In recent years, we have also been facilitating the introduction of distributed systems proactively in Nagoya and Osaka, in addition to Tokyo, from the viewpoint of disaster countermeasures, while conducting a variety of activities to promote the adoption of IPv6. Moreover, to enhance the added value of our service, we are aggressively developing and providing such additional services as route exchange and traffic visualization, in response to customer needs.

IX has changed its functions gradually from its original environment where ISPs established connections with each other and implemented traffic exchange, to an environment that ensures the efficient flow of data from the transmission side of information to the receiving side. Going forward, JPIX will continue to enhance its services, observing the mission of providing a better Internet infrastructure through adequate services for the increasing number of Internet users and traffic, while contributing to the overall development of the Internet globally as well as in Japan. We appreciate your business and cooperation.

Ryosuke Yamazoe, CEO